Hello!! Here's my first blog post.....


I'm Emma, I turned 40 this year I have a hubby called Dan, a son called Jack and a daughter called Maisie...and my beautiful dog Rosie who comes to the shop with me every day! 

The shop opened in 2019, exactly a year before covid! We've had lots of bumps in the road but we love the community we have built since things got back to our new normal! 

I started the shop with Mum, who's actually retired, she isn't in the shop as much as she was in the beginning but she's a massive support in the background...baking and doing anything to do with maths and money! 

Tori, my sister works with me once a week! Sometimes we confuse people who we are lol! 

Im currently working on the website so you'll see lots of updates on there...and if I'm brave you might see my face on Instagram or Tik Tok!! 

Wish me look....any tips welcome! 




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